Islam Is a religion of peace

Islam Is a religion of peace. The name of Islam makes it clear. Islam comes from the same root as the word “Salam”, which means peace, Salam. Today Muslims are full of Salam during prayer.

Let us count:
In every prayer we say Salam in tasyahud and at the end of the prayer.
When we met other Muslims We also say salam
So every day we speak the word peace dozens of time!
A Muslim Should become an agent of peace as the prophet commanded

Afsyusssalam! Spread peace!

Of the 99 names of Good, chosen for the basmalah are rahman and rahim, the nature of love and affection. Our prophet was called “nabiyyurrahmah”, the loving prophet. Our Prophet is a mercy, compassion for all, not just Muslims but all, not just humans, but for animals, plant and the universe. Therefore we speak of diinurrahmah, a religion, a religion of love.

But unfortunately our attitude as a Muslim, sometimes does not reflect the teaching of Islam.So people cannot see the beautiful teachings of islam because rough and violent tempers cloud it.

Al-Islaamu mahjuubun bil Muslim.

The beauty of Islam is covered by the behavior of Muslims. Like it or not, the image of Islam has become synonymous with terrorism, abuse, violence, backwardness, and other bad images. Maybe we can blame the western media who have been busy building up a bad image of Islam. But there’s no smoke when there is no fire. The image reflect the behavior of of some Muslim as well. Sectarian conflict in Syiria, a suicide bombing in Pakistan, violent groups like boko haram in Nigeria, and the cruelty ISIS in Iraq. Closer to home, in our country Indonesia, more and more groups do violence in the name of Islam. They even call people who do not agree with them “kafir”.

Actually, their numbers are small. However, their voices are loud and they claim to speak loudly in the name of Islam. They become ambassadors of Islam, claiming to represent two billion Muslim world wide, Do not be surprised if Islam is synonymous with terrorism and with terrorism and violence. Because the ambassadors who represent Muslim behave in rude, loud and belligerent ways.

Are you willing let Islam be represented by ambassadors who make it synonymous with violence? Therefore, each of us must be an ambassadors of Islam, showing the face of Islam that is cool and peaceful.

What must we do to be worthy of being an ambassador for Islam ?
It’s simple. Just look at what a sales representative or an ambassador for a product does. For example, if it is a health product, the ambassador of the product must appear healthy and know all the ins and outs of the product in detail.

The same goes for being an ambassador of Islam: We must first identity the deeper teachings of Islam. Learn from a reliable source; learn in detail. Misconception about Islam mostly are the result of shallow knowledge. Then we must show that the teachings of Islam are beautiful and peaceful through our morals and our daily behavior.

Prophet Muhammad softens hard hearts not with sword but noble virtue (Akhlaq al karimah).

Come on, what are you waiting?

source: ambassadors of peace


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